You may have noticed that this News page, and the rest ofsite has been lacking in updates for a long, long while.

We've been working on the product and infrastructure, that's our excuse.  But finally, this tail of a website is getting wagged.

What changes you will see immediately:
  • Improved navigation, sub-menus have been added to our main page links.
  • More images and graphics.
  • Better explanation of our product Series categories.
  • Product updates and additions (which we will cover soon in another News post), including new Wheels and Apparel.
  • Some new areas that are under construction are Testimonials and Web Special / Closeout items for sale.
What you will see soon:
  • More News updates.  There have been a tonne of race and event news involving OCTTO this past spring / summer.
  • Previews and introductions of upcoming products.
Stay tuned!

8/24/2010 08:12:33 am

Hi, I was just wondering how I could contact the sponsorship department of your company.

Thankyou, Samuel


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