What started as a simple email conversation to arrange the hand-off of some bike parts turned into a deep philosophical discussion.

The Dynamic Duo turned that into the focus of a blog-post about OCTTO.

"... if we want to get Canadians on top of podiums in international competition, we need to stop thinking like we don't deserve to be there. There has to be a belief-system in place.

And hand-delivering the wheels [to a sponsored rider] is just part of that system.

A hundred things have to fall into place for a championship to happen, equipment is just one small part of that equation.

The more parts of that equation that can be fulfilled, then the balance of the equation shifts towards a favorable result.

Sometimes the fittest rider is undermined by equipment-failure and sometimes the best equipped-rider is simply outperformed by a competitor.

But the key is to keep as many of those hundred plates spinning as possible. And belief is one of those plates.
So, at OCTTO, if we sponsor a rider, then we believe they are a champion. It's that simple. "  

- Dr.Octto 2008

8/2/2021 11:37:32 am

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