The Vernal Equinox is passing for those of us in Earth's Northern hemisphere.  In other words, the nice trip is over and next fall is here.  The 3rd Annual Jet Fuel Coffee Fall Ride was held on Sunday, September 21st to mark the end of road-racing season and the start of autumn.

The 23 participants included regular morning patrons of the coffee shop, as well as a number of current Jet Fuel Cycling team members and alumni, local pros and representatives from many local shops including Andrew Randell (Symmetrics), Heath Cockburn (La Bicicletta), Joe Giuliano (ret.), Thorben Wieditz (Jet Fuel), Julia Farrell (UltraLink).

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Starting and Finishing at Jet Fuel, the route map of the metric-century is posted here, and annoted by below by Randell:

"We headed west across Huntingwood through northern Scarborough, then dipped into the the Rouge river ecological preserve for a bit, passing by the Zoo. Through the countryside we pretty much did a north-south jaunt, turning around just a few kilometers shy of reaching Stouffville.
Some of the ride would have taken us through the Ontario Greenbelt. And another interesting point is that much of the land we rode through was expropriated in the past for an airport that hasn't been built just yet, hence its undeveloped nature and little to no housing.

Once we turned south we came back through western Pickering, dropped over the bridge at the mouth of the Rouge (where we did the bit of off-roading) and then came back through the Guild, where we stopped for a coffee [before heading back downtown to the Jet Fuel for another coffee]"

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