Current UCI Cyclocross world-rankings include two OCTTO-sponsored riders, the "Dynamic Duo" of Derrick St.John and Natasha Elliot.

Ms. Elliot is the 2nd-ranked individual Canadian among the Elite Women at 16th spot, behind Wendy Simms who is also ranked 1st worldwide.  Canada is ranked 3rd in the Elite Women's Nation standings, thanks to these ladies.

DSJ is the 3rd ranked Canadian man and 33rd overall among Elite Men.  In the men's Nation's rankings, Canada is ranked a remarkable 5th, ahead of traditional 'cross powerhouses of Switzerland, France and Italy.

DSJ mentioned tto OCTTO-News:
"Tasha says she loves the OCTTO bar is good luck.  I love it cause it washes easy and she gets it dirty all the time."


Derrick St. John, riding OCTTO Components, placed 3rd at the Canadian National Cyclocross Championships in Edmonton, Alberta.

Geoff Kabush, the 2-time Olympian, took the gold and the national champ's red-and-white jersey.

DSJ finished a meagre 47 seconds behind the veteran Kabush.  While Kabush and the second-place finisher worked together at the head of the race, DSJ chased solo after one of his trademark-starts and almost reigned the pair in.

As DSJ remarked to OCTTO-News prior to the race:
"Today is going to be M-E-N-T-A-L!  The course is like a circuit race/crit/cross specialty!"

DSJ's race-report is on his blog.

October 11/08 - Cyclo-cross Nationals
Edmonton , Alberta
Elite Men - 21.7km (7 laps)

 1. Geoff Kabush (BC) TEAM MAXXIS
 2. Mike Garrigan (ON) JET POWER / epicride
 3. Derrick St John (ON) Stevens Cross

Photos at
 DSJ riding
 DSJ hiking


Official web-page for the Ontario Provincial Cyclocross Championships is up at Veloomedia.

There is a course-map posted along with a POV course-ride-thru-video.

The organizers are holding open CX training at the course at Riverdale park every Thursday evening, with barriers set up and everything. 

Click the image of Peter 'Cobra' Morse for a slamming race-poster.